Is the ONE who makes you laugh; the ONE who is dying inside? Revealing your truth…

It is said and shared that many people mask their depression or any elongated state where by one is resting in a low vibrational mindset with humor.  They learn early in life to hide their deepest, darkest feelings from others. It may be viewed that depressed individuals are not popular; they are encouraged to “Lighten up” and “Lighten up” they do.  They smile, they make others laugh, they make other people feel good. Sometimes within the process they can even feel and experience their own humor and temporarily escape from their own pain. Not wanting to be a burden to others and believing that others do not want to hear their pain, they don’t turn to people for soothing and understanding.  Instead they internalize their pain, often becoming loaners or they turn to substance abuse.

Why is that?

Many of these individuals appear to others to have it all.  They come from “good families”. Have nice homes and may even be wealthy.  People cannot understand how these individuals can be unhappy. They believe that if life looks good on the outside, you must feel good on the inside.  Hence, the depression goes unrecognized or may be dismissed.


The intellectually astute or highly empathic would find it difficult to understand why “if” we are a community of conscious beings connected and categorized in society by the sixth sense (feelings and emotion).  Then why can someone go unnoticed and or how can depression be dismissed or unrecognized. That brings us back around to the original question, “Is the one who makes you laugh; the one who is dying inside?” reason being is that laughter, smiles, and making others laugh is the best disguise for that imbalance and lonely state of mind we have identified as depression.  


Its overly presumptuous to insinuate that all or a majority of the specified individuals defined above go unnoticed.  It would be just as presumptuous to assume that depressed individuals have not/NEVER speak on their pain and suffering for help from their close surrounding family/community.   It has truly been the initial rejection that tends to define their path ahead. Many of the individuals depressed/dying on the inside go through great lengths to keep it hidden and isolated.  So it goes without saying that the anomaly is and always has rested within ones psyche. How one believes things to be. This is also a way out, up, higher, on top, victorious with every depressive state, whether it be constant or comes and goes depending on situations and circumstances.  

Whenever one finds themselves in a low vibrational state of mind as depression (many other low vibrational definitive words fit this mode in addition to depression, such as anger, sadness, lost, stuck, etc…any state that does NOT allow you to excel towards wholesome happiness) one should purposefully speak, see and BELIEVE themselves out of that state of mind…

This requires one to have a different/clear understanding then what one is used to and accustomed to. One needs to take ownership of their lives in EVERY WAY.  Stop hating your experiences, those things that happened to you by another (person, place or thing). Start to see that it was painstakingly decided upon for your evolution, growth, learning, teaching, and most importantly understanding.  Change your story, no longer are you a victim or survivor of your experiences… Let me say that again, NO LONGER ARE YOU A VICTIM OR SURVIVOR OF YOUR EXPERIENCES… No longer will empathy or sympathy be enough to feed your soul. The times have shifted, and one must see that.  Let your story by that of an expert on YOUR life, know what it is you know and don’t allow the program (the ways of yesteryear) to convince you otherwise. We misunderstand why others do not respect us, when one does not respect their own experience. Speak life, love, and happiness over you and visualize it as so (as often and repeated as necessary) then BELIEVE it.  I assure you more than any other guidance given, BELIEF is truly the FINAL key of all manifestation. Nothing is what it is unless one BELIEVE it to be so first.

This does not mean “lie” to oneself, yet communicating with yourself enough, in many ways, as often as necessary until such time you can convince yourself that it is so.  Become intimate with your words and ways of communicating with yourself, learn your voice, trust YOU and as I personally experienced, one will begin to “awaken” to their Godly self in ways that are told in every biblical book of every religion across this land.  

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