Love; Re-defining its understanding!

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

Love? What is it, and how should it be understood?

Webster dictionary defines love as “a strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties” but we know it is so much more, its meaning is so much deeper, and its understanding evolves to encompass all things as we grow and experience life. So why hasn’t anyone come back after a life of living and inform the rest of us what Love truly is? Or have they and we just haven’t been listening?

I want to start by sharing my experience with Love and how I came to understand it so vastly. I have lived a life and so eager knowing I have so much more living to experience. However, I will awaken you to what is true and absolute revolving around love in hopes that it sparks conversation, understanding and most of all growth. I want to share my knowledge of love and how anyone if they so choose can become to understand its essence. I have always known and or been told that love is God and God is love, so I chose to use that which stuck with me the longest and grow from there in the blog post.

When we hear love and or use it in our expressions we always associate it to a feeling and or emotion, those feelings and or emotions are ALWAYS pure to the one experiencing them. Pure; being true and absolute to the experience (that moment/span in time}. More times than not we experience love and or share its expression in a high vibrations (happiness, joy, excitement and pure positive/high energy) we validate it by our action (smiling, blushing, laughing, cheesing, etc…), it does us NO justice to know the high vibrational side of love and not speak on the low vibrational side of the same thing, hate, heartbreak and or heartache (sadness, anger, depression, and pure negative/low energy) also validated by action (crying, yelling/shouting, fighting, frowning and etc…). This is the extent of knowledge most of us know and live by in our day to day lives.

But if God is Love and Love is God, then why not see it beyond just the status quo?

As a point of reference only; yet another aid in my belief and understanding surrounding Love. John 1:1 states, “1In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”. To understand the scripture just given, one concluded that Word (speech, sound and expressive communication; no matter the native tongue) is how all things are CREATED, that Word (form of creation) is with God (all of mankind has the ability and knowledge of word (speech, sound and expressive communication; no matter the native tongue) and that same Word is God. I now know that I can create with the power of my tongue for I am God and that is Love. This allowed me to see fuller and, in its entirety exactly who I am and what I represent. If I am CREATOR/God and the Word is with CREATOR/God and the Word is CREATOR/God, then I am in full alignment with knowing I too am pure love. The very essence of Source. I began to see that all things are God and its creations. All of you reading this is God Gods self and creator, YOU are the essence of love and knowing that all things under the SUN here on Mother Gaia is connected and all humankind is ONE.

To walk through life seeing and hearing Love all around, listening to its creation pour out of the mouths of God and Goddesses alike gives you a new-found appreciation for yourself and just how phenomenal of a being one is. To love another as thine self is concrete affirmation of the oneness we all are. Therefore, it is so important to learn love, learn how to give it and how to receive it, learn from every person for their love is unique to them and requires us to be more attentive of that fact. Love is not the same across the board, it is derived from experiences in life, its characterized and modified to fit the mold in which it is housed. Keeping in mind that Love is always and forever will be GOD, which is Word and Word will always be on tongues.

What has been your experience in life with Love and gaining understanding to the vastness of its belonging/creation?

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