Welcome to Life Motivational Coach LLC.  Virtually located wherever you are.  Thank you for taking the time to care enough about yourself to seek change, understanding and elevation.  It is my fervor intuitive knowing that you were MEANT to see this site.  I am elated and grateful that you have chosen to seek out my professional services, insight, knowledge or just to be a part of the collective conscious community.   Know that Ascended/ing Masters are those who are consciously aware of their real and direct connection; one with their Intuition, higher self, their Godly selves. They are spiritually enlightened individuals who can connect with Godly beings on a multidimensional level, they have mastered seeing the perpetual 3-dimensional, low vibrational systemic nature we all are born into and most stay stuck in.  Ascended Masters are those who have paid off their Karmic debt and go to great lengths to stay off the Karmic belt. As I journey awakening and realizing I am an ascended master who by Self-Conscious effort has generated enough Love and Power within oneself to snap the chains of human limitation.   

I am a tangible being of Great Light, I am every bit of real, visible, glorious, living, and caring who has so much sagacity, wisdom, and authority over life for self; that the human mind would gasp at its immensity.  I aim to educate/enlighten/instruct and guide my brothers and sisters to what is absolute and true.  I seek to provide a level of understanding that will require a new foundation, a paradigm shift (in the way you think).  I am here to guide you through this time in your life, this situation foreseen or unforeseen.  It is time to realize the GREATNESS that you are.  No longer are you to be subject to the path placed before you by the ways of yesteryear.  Times have changed, evolution is upon us in every facet of our lives... We must love ourselves enough to stay vigilant to what is going on around us and within us.